About US

Association of Students Explorers (ASE) is non-governmental organization created to materialize the idea of an initiative group of medical students, led by their impulses to bring in uniqueness and significance in Science. We determine our idea as a personal cause – constantly to innovate, enrich and rationalize Science and following this path to improve and enhance the professional, scientific and practical skills of medical students.

Inspired by the idea to experience Science in its pure form, our members devote all their efforts to shed light of latest science achievements among the medical society through organizing this year’s International Biomedical Conference of Sofia (IBCS).


Student Council of the Medical University – Sofia is a corrective to the leadership of the university. Our representatives work to solve student problems and issues. Driven by our common missions and goals to put our efforts to improve the quality of education, we, the students continue the legacy of our ancestors.

Student Council at the Medical University – Sofia was founded in 1997. For more than 15 years, the Student Council has always endeavored to defend the interests of students and to support and encourage them in any initiative.

The objectives of the Council are related to realization of cultural, sporting, scientific, artistic and international activities. Students Council of the Medical University – Sofia seeks the promotion and inclusion of more and more students to the activities realization thereof, thus contributing to build new and useful skills in future physicians and specialists.