Spas Kerimov

PresidentSpas Kerimov (Spas), 5th year medical student.

President of IBCS 2016

Actively participate in medical and scientific forums since the beginning of his medical education, his research works have won first prizes at medical congresses in Austria, Russia (Moscow) and Bulgaria.
Main scientific fealds of interests: Molecular medicine and targeted therapy; Epigenetics alterations and angiogenesis inducement in cancer development and progression; Ictogenesis and disease‐modifying approaches in epilepsy.
Engaged with broad spectrum of social activities but in particularly concerning youth policies and civil society awareness. Founder and President of the Association of Students Explorers – ASE, member of Student Council of Medical University Sofia. Participate in organizing seminars and campaigns regarding present socially significant issues. Recently speaker and moderator of discussions and workshops in Paris, Lisbon and Stockholm for the problems of refugee crisis, poverty and youth unemployment.
Infatuated in numismatics, likes to travel and read, currently studying Sindarin (elvish language). Consider his dinosaurs collection as the largest in Bulgaria; Harry Potter fan No1; Admire to heterochromia.
“As President of IBCS 2016 I guarantee you rich scientific program, unique keynote speakers, interactive workshops and marvelous social program. I deeply believe that sharing innovative scientific ideas and discoveries is the main impetus of the current progress in the medical field and I am certain that you will experience all of this on the IBCS 2016!”
„Most people say that it is the intellect which makes a great scientist. They are wrong: it is character.”
Albert Einstein