Dental Symposium

Dental Symposium

The Dental Symposium is a unique event, aimed at students, newly graduated doctors and anyone wishing to enrich their knowledge and skills. It is one of the additional clusters of IBCS 2017. The workshops are demonstrative, theoretical and practical, so that everyone can expand their theoretical knowledge and improve their skills.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mariana Dimova-Gabrovska Ph.D. DSc.

Contemporary dental medicine requires maintaining or restoration of the functional capability of the dentition during acquirement of the other two medical-biological indicators - aesthetics and function. The lecture is dealing in details with the clinical and instrumental opportunities for evaluation, analysis and recovering of the occlusal proportions in natural and prosthetically recovered dentitions. The possibilities of digital occlusal analysis with T-scan 8 are presented in patients with removable and fixed prostheses and prosthetic restorations in childhood. The articulating interrelations are registered in the eccentric movements of the lower jaw and during chewing function and recommendations for the practice are made.

Patricia academy

Patricia is a firm, that regularly participates in all specialized dental exhibitions with presentations and demonstrations of new products in the field of dentistry. Regularly organizes conferences, practical courses and discussion meetings for novelties in dentistry. An increasingly high number of lecture courses are aimed specifically at students.

This year Patricia will take part in our congress with a lecture of Dr. Galya Valcheva and Dr Stamenov.

Modern Clinical Protocols for Indirect Adhesive Recovery

Dr. Galina Valcheva

Dr. Galina Valcheva graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Sofia in 2007. Since March 2008 she is a regular assistant in the Department of Operative Dentistry and Endodontic in Faculty of Dental Medicine, Plovdiv. She is a member of the Bulgarian Dental Association and the Bulgarian Scientific Dental Society. She takes special interest in indirect aesthetic (porcelain) restorations in the frontal area and the rehabilitation of the dentition.In 2014 is a certified lecturer at Dentsply Detrey and leads courses and lectures on graduates.

First steps in Bioceramics

Dr. Ventsi Stamenov

Dr. Ventsi Stamenov is a graduate Master of Dentistry at the Faculty of Dental Medicine, Sofia. He has attended postgraduate qualification courses on endodontics, implantology, periodontology and direct aesthetic restorations. Dr. Stamenov works mainly in the field of endodontics and direct aesthetic restorations. Dr. Stamenov's practical course will consist of a theoretical part, focused on what bioceramics are, their advantages and disadvantages. He will answer the questions: Who is the perfect dealer? What technique can we use? On the practical course, you will have the opportunity to test the technique of applying the siller to the extracted teeth.

Techniques for taking an impression for irremovable prosthesis

Nikolay Apostolov Ph.D.

The practical course includes the presentation of a clinical case carefully selected for you by Dr. Apostolov. We will start with a demonstration of a clinical footprint and a practical part, enabling you to improve each of your techniques and to achieve perfect results

Nikolay Apostolov graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Sofia in 2010. From 2011 he has been teaching as an assistant in the Department of Prosthetic Dental Medicine. Dr. Apostolov is a member of professional organizations, such as  the Bulgarian Dental Association and Bulgarian Scientific Dental Association. He is an author of scientific publications and participates in many scientific forums.

Treatment planning and 3D-printing in implantology

Dr. Rosen Borisov

Dr. Rosen Borisov is a chief assistant professor at the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Diagnostic Imaging at the Faculty of Dental Medicine (Medical University, Sofia). He has obtained a specialty in the field of dental surgery and endodontics.

Dr. Borisov is interested in the field of oral diagnostic imaging and he is the author of academic literature related to that special area. The lecture of Dr. Borisov during the dental panel at the IBC will reveal the connection between the Cone-radius computed tomography and the contemporary implantology. In some cases, the use of panoramic x-ray is not sufficient when planning a treatment in implantology. The 3D-planning and printing are one of the latest trends in the field of dental diagnostics. What are the steps leading to a 3D-printed model?

  1. Scanning diagnostics which provides information about the placement of the anatomic structures as well as the status of the bone.
  2. Using the scanning diagnostics, a 3D-printed model could be made via a software that helps in choosing the best placement for the implants which is a unique characteristic for every person.
  3. All the information is forwarded to the printer and respectively, a precise guide could be made that will assist in the clinical process of implanting.

WORKSHOP: A basic course in oral implantology

Dr. Vladimir Vylov and Dr. Ivo Aprilov

Vladimir Vylov is a young dental physician, graduated from the Medical University of Varna, who wants to develop in the sphere of dental implantology.

During the congress he will hold a practical assignment (workshop) ,which will include lecture elements as well. The use of implants is a contemporary method,which is a great solution when a permanent loss of teeth is present. The implant is surgically placed in the alveolus of the already extracted natural tooth or in  an artificial alveolus, which is created just before the procedure.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mariana Dimova-Gabrovska Ph.D. DSc.

The diagnosis of the functional pathology of the masticatory system is a subject of extensive scientific researches and significant clinical interest and it is connected to questions with great clinical and practical value for the dentists as well in our country and as globally. The main reason for this is the wide-spectrum etiopathogenesis of dysfunctions and their frequent correlations with structures of the whole organism as well as with the musculoskeletal system, nervous system, hormonal synthesis, hearing, vision, sleep, vestibular apparatus and others. All of this provides reasonable argumentation for the need of knowledge in details of the practicing clinicians of the whole protocol for functional examination of the masticatory system. The lecture clarifies the basic scientific settings for interpretation of the findings of functional analysis in terms of the needs of the clinical practice of the dentist.

Digital Smile Design (DSD)

George Iliev Ph.D.

Immerse yourself in the digital planning of treatment and see how a smile changes: from the initial phase to the final result. The theory will be followed by a demonstration and a discussion. You will be able to personally observe the scanning of the denture and the subsequent 3D printing of the scanned pattern. After making an analysis, Dr. Iliev will also demonstrate the designing of Digital Smile Design. Do not hesitate to sign up for this practical course! Come and meet the latest and most advanced dental technologies that create irresistible smiles.

George Iliev graduated from the Faculty of Dental Medicine - Sofia. In 2006 he began teaching as an assistant professor at the Department of Prosthetic Dentistry, and three years later he gained a specialization in Prosthetic dentistry. He actively supports the learning process of his students by making film materials and methodical guidelines. He is a member of professional organizations, such as the Bulgarian Dental Association and Bulgarian Scientific Dental Association.


Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mariana Dimova-Gabrovska Ph.D. DSc.

Dental Symposium Schedule


Dr. Ribagin - Discussion on Indirect composite restorations in the distal region

Dr. Borisov - Workshop - 3D Printing in planning of implant Treatment

Dr. Valov - Workshop - Basic course in oral implantology

Dr. Iliev - Lecture, Discussion and Demonstration of 3D Bioprinting


Dr. Emilov - Discussion on the importance of the attached gingiva. Gingival augmentation.

Dr. Dilkova - Discussion on early diagnosis, prevention and treatment of problems in temporary and mixed dentition

Dr. Gulbenkian - Discussion on Contemporary irrigation protocol in endodontics


Lecture by Dr. Vulcheva on
Mordern clinical protocols for indirect adhesive restorements


Opening Gallery and Regenerative Medicine Exibition
Prof. Dimova - Lecture - Opportunities in application of T-SCAN in the dental practiece
Prof. Dimova - Lecture - Patients with functional pathology of the masicatory system - how to examine and interpret the findings
Dr. Kambov - Lecture - Treatment plan-why, what, how?
Poster Session 1st round
Oral session

Dr. Apostolov - Clinical case - Techniques for taking an impresion for unremovable prosthesis

Prof. Dimova - Working with T-SCAN 8 System – clinical Demonstration


Dr. Milanov - Lecture - Preparation of metal ceramic and ceramic crowns - mistakes in the past and where they came from
Poster Session 2nd round

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