Elena Stefanova

Elena Stefanova (Helen), 5th year medical student.Science and PR Officer

Science and PR Officer

Chairperson of the Control Commission with the Association of Stdents Explores. Scientific interest in Gastroenterology, Immunology, Microbiology.
She participated for two years in a project on the subject of Cartilage Implantation managed by one of her trainers. She was a volunteer in the Gastroenterology ward. Thoroughly fascinated by the idea of overall progress in the field of education. She is an ardent seeker of a manner to provide libraries and reading rooms as places inspiring academic development, facilitating the learning process and providing conditions for both competition and mutual help among students. Initially, she participated in an informal gathering of proactive students called “Work Group” and subsequently she became one of the founders of the ASE where ideas have further developed – efforts are made to provide free practical classes for the medical students, the dental students and the pharma students. If this initiative is successful, she would like to provide similar conditions for other majors as well.
She is passionate about dance and writing. She cannot imagine her day without music so you can never see her without her headset when she is outside. She loves cooking for other people so much that once she cooked dinner for the guests of an entire hostel.
 “In my capacity as Science Officer and PR I will do my best to provide memorable and useful lecturers and lectures. I am actively working towards providing the most diverse range of practical knowledge at the congress. I am trying to follow and assist with the hard work of the Science Secretary and the PR Secretary.”