Ivaylo Bogomilov

Ivaylo Bogomilov, 6th year Medical student in Medical University of Sofia General secretary

General secretary

He has participated in a lot of medical congress as he had several awards from them.
His scientific interests are in the field of epidemiological distribution and the effect on the population of various socially significant diseases, their treatment schemes, their prevention and promotion. Genesis and pathophysiology of virus and disease that they can provoke are also in his area of scientific interest.
As active part in NGO sector, Ivaylo has a great experience in organizing and managing a different projects and exchanges in youth field. He has been an organizer in various forums and congresses and has a big background in managing and logistic.
Member of the Student Council in Medical University in Sofia, member of ASMB and president of European Students’ Forum – Sofia. A provider of non-formal learning and non-formal methods of learning;
Ivaylo is certified trainer in non-formal education and his field of interests are leadership , conflicts and projects management.
Ivaylo hobbies are reading, play sport and writing.
His secret hobby is eating sweets grin emoticon “As a responsible in the logistics part, I promise you that except science and educational part, you will have a great social program, full of unforgettable moment in Sofia and even more unforgettable parties. I will try to solve every single problem, which is related with the logistics in the moment it happened and even if you get lost in the campus or in Sofia, do not worry it is also part of the plan grin emoticon “