Valentin Georgiev

Valentin Georgiev , 3rd year Pharmacy student at Medical University of Sofia

12acIT Coordinator

Chairman of the commission on Information and culture activities in Student Council of Medical University of Sofia.
Аctivist and part of the European Junior Team 2016-2017.
Participant in the congress organized by the European Pharmaceutical Students’ Association in Malta, Valletta – 28 October to 1 November 2016.
Scientific interest in Chemistry,Physiology, Pharmacology,Pharmaceutical chemistry.
In his free time he like listening Beatles songs and this time he goes follow a walk or runs among the wonderful nature of Bulgaria.
He loves novels of John Steinbeck and his favorite novel is East of Eden.
He loves playing guitar with his friends and furthermore he participate in Volleyball team of the Medical University.
“As a IT Coordinator in IBCS I will play role of G-protein between participants and organizations of IBCS. In other words I will carry out the relationship between the participants and the general meetings in our face. I will be your manager informative and through the website of IBCS you will learn everything news for us.”