Vanyo Vezirov

Vanyo Vezirov, 3rd year medical student. Logistics and finance Officer

Logistics and finance Officer

As chief officer he will regulate the activities connected with finances and logistics. He has participated in numerous medical congresses and one of the founders of the Medical Universiade 2014.
His research interests are in the fields of neuroscience and tissue engineering. Several years he was involved in organizing an International Congress.
He is a Vice president of the Student Council at the Medical University of Sofia, scientific secretary at ASE, a member of a number of organizations.
In his spare time he likes to read, play basketball, excited by the Mars, but his passion are aquariums and aquarium fish. Most proud of his ability to play Happy birthday on harmonics.
“As the chief officer of finances and logistics I will monitor the work there and promise that all participants will enjoy wonderful presentations by key note speakers at the global level and a Medical Universiade filled with interesting questions and a lot of science.”