Go deep in the scientific notion of “sleep” and find out the stages, the electrophysiology and the possible sleep disorders… or in other words – “Why Sandman doesn’t come?”

Vascular anastomosis

Light hand and patience will be needed for people who choose to try to suture a blood vessel. It will take a lot of practices, but the harder, the sweeter.


Hold tight because knotting knots just sounds a simple task. You will also learn some different types, and you can even use them outside the operating room.


You will have the opportunity to “go into the gloves” of the surgery operative removing a gall bladder from selected livers, finding out the risks, the procedure and the possible complications.

Anastomosis in Parenchymal Organs

Sewing is an art, especially when it comes to sewing parenchymal organs! You will learn the minutest details of the lungs / the liver.

Intestinal Anastomosis

This workshop will allow you to improve your tailoring skills, but this time on and animal’s small intestine. Do you have a needle stick at hand?

Visual Diagnostics of the Nervous System

You will learn about the methods of research and diagnosing various degenerative diseases of the nervous system. Will you be able to diagnose?

Visual Diagnostics of the Respiratory System

Discover and practice methods of diagnosing conditions of the respiratory system.


How an ECG is made? What is it exactly? How is it read? These are some of the questions that will be answered in the workshop for the secrets of the electrocardiography.


The workshop of ecography will make you look through the matter and acquire very useful knowledge about working with an ecograph. When one knows what to look for, it is easier to find it!